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Being able to scan and treat an individual, space or pet remotely is a difficult concept to imagine and yet time after time it has proven to work with great accuracy.  When an individual is born, they have a very specific energy about them, which makes them truly distinct in the quantum world. This amazing technology allows the EDUCTOR to find an individual anywhere in the quantum world. Like dialing up a friend on a mobile phone, with their permission, subspace allows you to dial into any individual at any time. In this case, the sender is the EDUCTOR device and the receiver is the client. 


What makes the EDUCTOR unique and very powerful is the connection that is made between the device and the client’s subconscious, since it is the subconscious that is aware of everything that is going on within the body at that point in time. Moreover, the subconscious has access to a total history of trauma that has occurred within the body.

Your pets, home, or business contains their own quantum energy fields. Pets, like people, have their own energetic frequencies. Homes contain an accumulation of the quantum energies collected by its inhabitants, past and present combined with the energies of its geographical location.  Businesses have both the energies of the building where business is conducted plus the people that predominantly make up that business. Pets, homes and businesses can all be energetically harmonized with EDUCTOR technology resulting in improved harmony, love, peace and abundance.  Please give it a try!


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The EDUCTOR system does not diagnose any condition or cure any disease or disorder.

Only a licensed healthcare professional can diagnose a patient.  No claims are made of the system or results.

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