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My note to you:

     Because in part to the loss of my mother to cancer, I became interested in alternative health care practices. In 2006 I opened a small business in Monterey, CA offering the Quantum Pulse Machine and Detox foot bath, while teaching meditation classes.  Upon moving back to the Midwest in 2009, I purchased my first $24K Quantum Biofeedback Therapy device. I've upgraded devices several times since; each generation increasing its frequency output. I thought it would be easy to learn but turns out since I'm a perpetual learner, I've been in training a minimum of 4 hours a week ever since with an amazing teacher.  Astonished at what the Quantum Biofeedback System has done for me I wanted, no I needed to share the benefits with others.  I invite you to experience the power of energetic frequency for yourself, with your loved ones, and in your home.


    Having been an interior designer for many years I wanted to offer more to my clients than simply good design. Classical Feng Shui gave me the ability to also harmonize the energy of a building using supportive colors, optimal placement, and supportive elements for those occupants living and working within.  Upon researching the different schools of Feng Shui, I soon realized that the Black Hat Feng Shui was unsubstantiated and totally ineffective. In 1988 I began my study into Classical 5-Element Feng Shui which is based on the advanced ancient scientific study of time and space.  Its accuracy and benefits have provided undeniable results. 

Now, to get away from spending so much time in front of the computer, I picked back up on creating art after 25 years. I hope you enjoy the angel series that I'm currently focused on.  

In may spare time I enjoy the garden,

creating art, and a hike to explore.

Lotus in Full bloom.JPG
Ronda Reinke's Cast Iron Landscape polychromed

I'd love to help you

in any way that I can. 

Please feel free to contact me

for more information on any of the services that I offer. 

With much gratitude, thank you.

                     Ronda Reinke

Education and Certifications

Allied ASID Interior Designer

Advanced Graduate American Feng Shui Institute 

Quantum Biofeedback Specialist

Natural Therapies Certification

Institute of Stress Management

Homeo-Therapeutics Consultant

White Dove Healing Arts

Elite Development Achievement

KS-Health Freedom

Children's Health Defense 

Weston A. Price Foundation

Mind Energy Sale Referrals

Berkeley Psychic Institute

MA Sculpture & Design

Teacher, Minister

University of Iowa

BA Interior Design

Spiritual Coach

 University of Northern Iowa

Minister since 2000

RFK Jr. 23.8.26.jpg

Photo from the

Freedom Revival in the Heartland

2023 Event in Olathe, Kansas

Colorful living room in Basehor, KS

Original Angel Series by Ronda Reinke

Check out my current creations at 
In the Light Professional.png

Ronda Reinke Copyright

In the Light  8" x 10" Pastel Pencil on sandpaper
Caught Me  8" x 10" Pastel Pencil
Multimedia   on sandpaper
Caught Me Professional.png

Ronda Reinke

Showing Her Wings Professional.png

Ronda Reinke

Showing Her Wings  8" x 12" Pastel Pencil
Multimedia on sandpaper
Watching    8" x 12" Pastel Pencil
Multimedia   on sandpaper
Hummingbird Joy Professional 5x7 crop.png

Ronda Reinke Copyright

Oh Joy
24" x 30"
Oil Painting
Bright Light  9" x 12" Pastel Pencil
Multimedia   on sandpaper
Screenshot 2023-09-02 092421 professional.jpg

Ronda Reinke

The Connection 9" x 12" Pastel Pencil
Multimedia   on sandpaper
Green Goddess 12" x 16"
Pastel Pencil
Multimedia on sandpaper
Watching professional.png

Ronda Reinke

Bright Light 8 x 10 signed.jpeg

Ronda Reinke Copyright

The Connection Cropped.png

Ronda Reinke

All images copyright! 2023 by Ronda Reinke
Prints on Archival & Originals available.

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Ronda's Cell:  831.521.0861  
By Appointment Only
in person or virtually.
Lawrence, KS
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