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Reduce Stress Reactions 

Quantum Biofeedback

Ronda Reinke

Quantum Biofeedback supports health and wellbeing!

Retrain your stress reactions; optimize your physicality. 

      My Quantum Biofeedback System is an easy and effective non-invasive look into conscious and subconscious awareness. It reduces stress by decreasing and relaxing stress reactions on all levels. Sessions enhance the quality of life resulting in improved muscle tone, heart rate, pain perceptions and much more. Stress reduction assist in feeling an improved general health and well-being often with better sleep, deeper concentration and focus, enhanced mental clarity and memory, reduce depression, lessen fearfulness, anxiety and anger and much more.  This device is so sensitive that it often picks up the earliest sign of dis-ease and distress before client awareness. 

Why would someone want to use Quantum Biofeedback?

  • You have tried other modalities but nothing has really addressed your issues. 

  • You want greater insights into your wellbeing; to take charge of your own health.

  • You understand that health issues are never just caused by a single body system so rather than going to a specialist focused on one body part, you realize that your body is an entire system that works together as one unit.  

  • You may be intolerant of medications or simply wish to reduce their use.

  • Consider this a healthy alternative for some conditions during pregnancy. 

  • Your non-verbal small child or pet's issues need to be addressed. 

  • Advocate for your health and children's health. 

  • You appreciate the use of natural energetic frequencies to create optimal wellness.


A few stressors I have addressed affecting clients overall wellbeing.

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If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration...  

Nikola Tesla

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Reduce Chronic Pain - Injury Recovery

The device is designed to wake up the body’s natural vital force to manage pain; the body does all the work. Inflammation around bones, muscle, dental, from accident or toxic exposure, generalized or specific, can all be addressed on the Quantum Biofeedback devise. Avert a healing crisis, avoid chemicals by reducing pain and retraining the body to heal itself naturally.

Disease Issues 

Infections come from many difference sources: bacteria, virus, parasite invaders, allergies and/or food sensitivities, a weak immune system, toxins from the environment like glyphosate (Round-up), molds, yeast, and fungus type things. Address blood pressure and heart disease.  Digestive disorders such as IBS, constipation, and chronic diarrhea. Hormone imbalances. 


Sport Enhancements - Train muscle tension or spasms

It can re-educate muscles, improve focused performance, strengthen willpower, program yourself for superior performance and optimal emotional balance to stay in “The Zone”.  Win your game of golf, steer wrestling competition or simply get motivated to go to the gym. Subliminal messages have proven to re-program the sub-conscious mind to work for you in healthy and powerful ways.


Strengthen Immunity - Long term viral conditions.

Some symptoms linger for weeks, months and even years after recovery from viral infections.  It is still a mystery to doctors and researchers because as the symptoms, such as chronic pain, brain fog, shortness of breath, chest pain, and intense fatigue, can be debilitating. In my continuing education I've taken a semester in how to deal with these issues; please invite me to help you.


Chronic inflammation is also referred to as slow, long-term inflammation lasting several months to years. Generally, the extent and effects of chronic inflammation vary with the cause of the injury and the ability of the body to repair and overcome the damage.  Other times it may be unclear as to where it's coming from.  I'd love to assist you in this very challenging condition.  


Chronic fatigue - Improve Energy Levels

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by profound tiredness. Symptoms often worsen with physical or mental activity. In addition to severe fatigue, symptoms include light sensitivity, headache, muscle and joint pain, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, and depression.  There is currently no cure for chronic fatigue syndrome. I'd love to assist you in this very challenging condition.  


Super Learning – ADD, ADHD, Memory Loss

Memory enhancement is beneficial for critical loss situations like Dementia and Alzheimer's but also studying for an exam, increasing your job capabilities, or simply wanting to sharpen your brain. Enhance your focused attention, train your brains ability to remember, become a Super Learner!


Insomnia - Sleep Issues

Are you having difficulty sleep well on a regular basis? Whether caused by a health problem or by too much stress, sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common. Let the Quantum Biofeedback System help you retrain your body to manage your stress. Be on top of your game, every day.


Pet Enhancements - Cat's, Dogs, Horses, Livestock

Our pets are a very important part of our lives. Unable to tell us exactly what's going on for them, the Quantum Biofeedback System is a valuable feedback tool. It can identify physical and emotional issues, then send back supportive frequencies to retraining whatever shows up. They respond so well; it is wonderful to watch the transformation. 

Excess weight reactivity can stress the body.

Adrenal weight can come on suddenly because of experiencing a stressful event, illness or death of a family member for example. Cortisol is the acting hormone protecting the organs from perceived danger thus depositing fat over the mid-section of the body resulting in belly fat. The body is either tricked into making more estrogen or the toxins in our food, dental materials and in our environment (such as pesticides and insecticides) are strong estrogen mimickers adding to the weight problem.  Retrain the body to reduce the adipose lumpy fat, improve adrenal function and builds muscle.


Thyroid weight is a slow steady weight that comes on over the whole body from an under active thyroid. This can often happen after the 2nd or 3rd pregnancy.  Fluoride is another element that can cause the suppression of the thyroid. This overall weight is not fatty, it is a non-lumpy tissue that needs to be treated completely differently with the Biofeedback System.


Liver Weight is often identified as a protruding belly which is not actually a beer belly but fluid within the intestinal space. The liver is not able to detoxify as it needs to and muscles atrophy in other parts of the body causing the belly to look expanded. Toxins (such as pharmaceuticals, have an impact on the body electric) not being removed from the liver create a mucus type fluid that the Biofeedback System can help to identify and retrain. The lymphatic system may then need assistance to remove these toxins. Often shoulder pain issues accompany this type of weight issue. It is the easiest weight to get rid of.


Ovarian Weight creates a pear-shaped woman accumulating fat in the lower belly, hips, and thighs.  This could be brought on by an emotional attachment from sexual trauma, miscarriages, abortion, even toxic shock syndrome.  Even if the ovaries have been removed the memory is still there. The Biofeedback System can help retrain the stress related to both the hormones and emotions.


Inflammatory Weight is swelling all over the body, like a systemic edema, can be caused by stressors like prednisone, food poisoning, allergies, viral issue, etc. This weight type is strictly related to stress focused on the organs that are just fatter, inflamed from a mucous like material.  Pencil stools is the bodies way of getting the inflammatory substance out quickly.  Retrain and reduce inflammatory stress.


Hidden Emotional Issues may have inspired a weight gain from addictive behaviors, passive aggressive disorder, self-destructive behaviors, a defense mechanism protecting one on some level or a variety of underlying causes.  The OMNIS Biofeedback System can help identify, stabilize mood and re-pattern old destructive habits.


Hypothalamus Weight is caused by overeating because one never feels full.  There may be an eating disorder as a reaction to one’s own internal frustration. The OMNIS Biofeedback System can help balance the hypothalamus for weight reduction from this unrecognized stress. 


Combination of types of Excess Weight Issues  may involve several of the above. Willpower can also be infused to assist in a shift of consciousness.  The OMNIS Biofeedback System can help reduce the stress in one’s body for all types of weight issues.   

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Thyroid Type.png
Liver Type.png
Ovary type.png
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Watch this short video I made to get a glimpse into
the Quantum Biofeedback Program. 

The Quantum Biofeedback System

has super sensitive capabilities at

computer speed that senses the

hidden stress energies within a

body or space when connected

physically or remotely. 

Sounds impossible?


Since the well known biofeedback

work at the Menninger Clinic in

Topeka, Kansas from 1980 to

1990 my device has progressed to

the quantum level. Quantum

meaning being able to identify the

smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, such as energy or matter.

The System is not your typical biofeedback device; it’s the latest most sensitive technically advanced device in the world today. It can facilitate a focused positive shift from its super-conscious deductions directly or virtually.

Living in today’s complicated world can lead to pressures that are held on a quantum level.  Prolonged stress intensifies and complicates your physical and mental conditions which may result in lowered immune system, chronic pain, low performance, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etcetera.  Stress may amplify hormonal imbalance, increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, muscle tension, elevated heart rate, and chronic fatigue. 

The EDUCTOR Quantum Biofeedback System

The EDUCTOR Quantum Biofeedback System

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During a Quantum Biofeedback Session

In person and remote sessions are very powerful. 
         Relaxing in a reclining chair in my office you will be connected to the device with straps on your limbs and head. The biofeedback therapy will read your galvanic skin response as it tests you 
to over 10,000 frequencies within 5 minutes at computer speed. 
         Remotely a session is called Quantum Feedback.  In the comfort of your own home, usually over the phone or by text you may even feel sensations while a retraining is taking place.  The results are still very profound.   
      During a session this Quantum Biofeedback device, at 1/100 of a second, measures the resonance pulse of the client.  Frequencies of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins, allersodes, and much more are recorded to the degree at which the body or space reacts. 
      The assessment registers significant clues which, as a certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist I interpret to proceed in session.  The device then sends back an alternate pulse to modify the client’s reactance, building constructive transformation.
      This retraining assists the client in dealing with stress, most often all beyond conscious awareness.

      I offer compassionate care in a comfortable home setting. 
Quantum Biofeedback
Human wave tranformation.png

      Quantum Biofeedback Therapy is a unique system with the genius to pinpoint and compile information to over 10,000 signatures within 5 minutes. Algorithms measures and provides information of supportive and non-supportive frequencies by assembling in priority products and things from nature, and issues within a particular bodily structure. At computer speeds it puts a 10,000-piece puzzle together almost instantaneously.


      From the objective information gathered in the device's memory bank, we gain precise awareness of the many conscious and subconscious emotional and physiological functions.


      NTCB Certified and working with this device since 2010, I am richly experienced in its use. My goal is to retrain non-optimal frequencies and infuse the necessary positive good energy vibrations to improve the client’s overall wellbeing.

This process has been FDA approved to re-train brainwaves,

muscle tone, heart rate, and pain perceptions.

Quantum Biofeedback: sensitive & accurate technology!

      This is the most advanced bio-resonant device in the world today!  This remarkable tool is a state-of-the-art evoked potential biofeedback system for stress detection and stress reduction.  It can detect not only the physical state but the underlying emotions.  It relates it's findings to individual body processes which can facilitate restoration, wholeness, and well-being through quantum energetics. 

      The Quantum Biofeedback device allows me, a certified and richly experienced Biofeedback Specialist, to see and hear stress activity which can then be used to reduce stress, not only the physical state of health but the underlying emotions as well. The results may be below the client's conscious recognition level but the ultimate transformation is undeniable.

      My sensitive nervous system is acutely in tune with spirit of the device operation as you will become aware during your session in person or virtually. 

Quantum Biofeedback

Ronda facilitates this and acts as a coach, setting goals

and limits on what to expect and give hints on how to improve performance.

Spiritual Energy.png

During a Quantum Biofeedback Session

      During a session this Quantum Biofeedback device, at 1/100 of a second, measures the resonance pulse of the client.  Frequencies of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins, allersodes, and much more are recorded to the degree at which the body or space reacts. 

      The assessment registers significant clues which, as a certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist I interpret to proceed in session.  The device then sends back an alternate pulse to modify the client’s reactance, building constructive transformation. 

      This retraining assists the client in dealing with stress, most often beyond conscious awareness.

I offer exceptional compassionate care in a comfortable home setting. 

Feel the invisible.png

"Everything is energy

and that is all there is to it. 

Match the frequency of the

reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way.

This is not a philosophy. 

This is physics." 

"We are slowed down sound

and light waves,

a walking bundle of frequencies

tuned into the cosmos.

We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which

our souls play their music." 

Albert Einstein 

The Quantum Biofeedback has an accuracy founded in over 30 years of research in the field of bio-electric

and bio-response medicine.

I invite you to give me a call

to discover how we can assist you

in becoming the best version of you. 


Live Your Best Life Today! 

Call Ronda


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