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Interior Designer

Master Drapery.jpg

"Ronda is a unique designer who has the calmness and professionalism to respect all people with whom she interacts. Her style is unique to each of her clients. She is disciplined and focused, a careful communicator. Her clients know she is on the job. She understands the importance of getting the work completed professionally and as quickly as possible. It has been a joy to work with her exceptional design skills."


Outa Hartman

Artisans Interior Gallery

Seaside, CA

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"Ronda's advice and judgement has been sound and practical; it's beautiful to see.  She has a unique talent to fight for good design and at the same time, be willing to adjust to the strong desires of the client. I have found Ronda to be personal yet professional in every way. I recommend her to anyone in need of truly professional guidance and expertise."

Michael Fletcher

Developer Las Palmas Ranch Salinas, CA


"Ronda has been a great help! She's steered us in the right direction and given us valuable insight to make our purchases meaningful and just what we needed.  She recommended a great paint color and has helped us each step of the way. We typically like to do things on our own, but with Ronda's help, it's been a much easier process.  We love the things we've purchased and appreciate the time and support Ronda has given us." 

Private Homeowner

Lawrence, KS 


elemental Balance 


"Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not-it works!  After our first consultation with Ronda and completing the suggested remedies, our income dramatically increased. She continually strives to increase her knowledge base. Ronda's teaching and innate abilities have improved the quality of our lives greatly, both at home and at the office."" 

Rebecca Kennedy

Kennedy Properties

Pacific Grove, CA

Becky Large.PNG
Green Fields

"Ronda has come in and basically switched everything in both companies from bad to good, from not flowing energy to what a wonderful place for us to work. It actually helps with most people getting along and clients paying on time. When we bring Ronda in she balances the energy, makes things a lot easier a lot more positive." 

Mary Vanderwall

Hernandez Labor

Hollister, CA

Mary Vanderwall
Boy in bed.png

"Not only did the rearrangement of my furniture make my home feel more inviting, but the adjustments also helped my son. He had been having difficulty falling asleep in his bed. While he was in the bath one evening, I finished putting into place the proper amount of metal necessary. After bath, we were in his bed and he asked himself the usual question, "Am I comfortable here?" and his replied "AAAhhhhh yes, it's so cozy here!" I was surprised to see that completing the amounts of metal would have such an effect on him." 

Shawna Saubers Ristic

Lawrence, KS


Space Clearing

Space Planner

Young Doctor
Heart Cloud.jpg

"As a registered nurse, I daily work around and often absorb the energy of the people I care for. Ronda's biofeedback sessions help to remove the negative energies from me and restore my energy balance while at the same time give me direction to move towards and attain goals that I have set for myself. As a result, I recharge quicker and cope better with the dramatic shifts that occur on this life journey of growing and healing."


Feng Shui Client since 2004

Priscilla B. Prunedale, CA

Home Entrance

"WOW. I just walked into my house; the change inside is really noticeable. Hard to put into words, but very profound. The vibration is extremely high, almost like my body moves thru the space with more ease, more cleanly. The air space does not seem so heavy. Like it was "washed squeaky clean." I am God-smacked at the change. This is the most incredible feeling. I feel very privileged to be able to receive this gift of Ronda's work. I am humbly grateful."                                          Linda Fujioka

Boise, ID


"I have been utilizing Ronda's Quantum Biofeedback work since 2009 yet I had been experiencing Quantum Biofeedback since 1999. 

I finally found someone who melts with the machine in such a way that even with sessions done remotely, I literally feel the vibrations generated. Ronda assists me in monitoring my health. I have recommended Ronda unequivocally in the past and will continue to do so." 

Author Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Tri-Cities, TN

Know The Name   Book Series

Kelsey 6.20.jpg

"As a 77-year-old living alone  I spend a lot of time in my apartment.  I've suffered a few health issues which has made it difficult to go up and down the stairs at times. Of course I've lived here for over 15 years so things had piled up.  I had been itching for a few months wondering what was wrong with me, until a social worker notice that I had bugs.  They were everywhere; no wonder I was itching! 

Ronda came in and helped me choose what was necessary and what needed to go.  She helped replace the old, upholstered furniture with practical leather. 

Now there is a sense of order in my place. I couldn't have gotten ready for pest control without her."


Kesley James

Lawrence, KS 

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Living Room new rug.jpg

"Simply put, Ronda is a LIFE CHANGER. She understood exactly what we needed to do and what style we liked. Going through every room she "diagnosed": TOO MUCH STUFF!

She told us what to get rid of, what to keep, organized our existing furniture, rearranged our pictures and gave us paint color ideas.  Reviewed texts images of furniture, advising us on good brands. She did not SELL US anything and was able to do our entire house in 4 hours.  Following her plan to a T our 3500 square foot home feels so much larger. The house is now our HOME, organized, roomy, warm, comfortable and upscale. We are so much happier and have so much less stress. 

Ronda is the best! She's honest, warm, and extremely talented. She has a skill we do not possess. Her vision, candor, understanding, and kindness are so appreciated. If you feel you need a change, have her do an evaluation; you will not believe the difference." 



Topeka, KS

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Oriental graphic element
Shapes our geometry.jpg

"I learned that keeping my space clear of clutter has lifted my spirits, improved my health, increased my work productivity thus financial income.

Having Ronda come into my home and change everything around using all the knowledge at her finger tips and her ability to clear the space has been invaluable to me.

The vibration of my space is higher, I'm no longer ashamed of how I live. I invite friends over to my home now in comfort and with pride.  She has given me back my dignity; I couldn't have done it with out her.  Thank you Ronda!" 

Private Homeowner

Lawrence, KS 

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