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Design Services

On-Site Residential Home Consultation:

If you rent or own, no place is too big or too small to profit by a consultation. Smaller spaces may be evaluated during a one-time home visit.  Homes however require full reporting documentation on all the findings which will include long and short-term advice.


On-Site Business Property Evaluation:

Energetic imbalances in the work place cause stress, tension and low energy often making the business accident prone and unprofitable.  A harmonious environment brings a sense of peace that will boost morale, improve work performance and cooperative relationships thus increasing your employee fulfillment, customer satisfaction and wealth potential. 


Annual Tune-ups for Existing Clients:

Energy is not stagnant, and circumstances change so an annual tune-up is highly recommended each New Year.


Local & Long-Distance House Hunting Evaluation:

With knowledge of the occupants, a rough floor plan and a compass reading (which can usually be obtained on Google Earth) a remote evaluation can be made. So often having the address and real estate listing information is all that is needed for a thumbs up or down when deciding between homes.

Design Phase, Landscape and Remodeling:

Working with the client and architect before plans are finalized ensures that you can benefit the most from your new or remodeled space.

Question? Get a Quick Answer:

Have a question unique to your space, send it to me via email and I’ll reply with an answer. It’s always better to have a complete consultation for your entire home or office but if you aren’t ready to invest in a full evaluation then I can answer ONE question at a time.  Questions may require additional information (like a scale floor plan, construction date and birthday) but no worries, I'll keep your information on file.  Example questions you might ask:

  • What are the best directions for me to achieve a restful night sleep?

  • I want to be highly focused at my desk so how can I make that happen?

  • What is my Romance Remedy and where should I place it?

  • Explain my compatibility to someone else?

  • What is my best remedy to boost prosperity?

  • What color should I paint my front door?

Fees:  Rates are calculated based on the complexity and size of the property.  Please inquire to obtain a free quote.  Remote consultations are available on a case-by-case basis.  Additional fees may be applied for travel outside of the Kansas City - Topeka metro areas.

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