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Quantum Biofeedback System supports optimal health!

The EDUCTOR Quantum Biofeedback System

The EDUCTOR Quantum Biofeedback System

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In person and remote sessions are very powerful.  Relaxing in a reclining chair in my office you will be connected to the device with straps on your limbs and head. The biofeedback therapy will read your galvanic skin response as it tests you to over 10,000 frequencies within 5 minutes at computer speed.                   I'm finding that during a long distant session (called Quantum Feedback) in the comfort of your own home, that some even feel sensations while a retraining remotely.
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Quantum Biofeedback is
a very sensitive & accurate technology!

      This is the most advanced bio-resonant device in the world today!  This remarkable tool is a state-of-the-art evoked potential biofeedback system for stress detection and stress reduction.  It can detect not only the physical state but the underlying emotions.  It relates it's findings to individual body processes which can facilitate restoration, wholeness, and well-being through quantum energetics. 

      The Quantum Biofeedback device allows me, a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, to see and hear stress activity which can then be used to reduce stress, not only the physical state of health but the underlying emotions as well. The results may be below the client's conscious recognition level but the ultimate transformation is undeniable.

      My sensitive nervous system is acutely in tune with the spirit of the device operation as you will become aware during your session in person or virtually. 

Ronda facilitates this and acts as a coach, setting goals

and limits on what to expect and give hints on how to improve performance.


The Quantum Biofeedback has an accuracy founded in over 30 years of research in the field of bio-electric

and bio-response medicine.

I invite you to give me a call

to discover how we can assist you

in becoming the best version of you. 


Live Your Best Life Today! 

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