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3 Quantum Feedback Protocols for Groups

After receiving at least one personal session you will qualify to join a group.  Remote sessions will be sent at least once a week, that is four (4) Quantum Biofeedback sessions per month for one low fee. For the best price there is a minimum six-month commitment and prepayment required. An additional discount for prepayment of full year. Your physical presence is required and no specific time will be given but run remotely at the availability of the practitioner. A follow up email report is sent to you after each session.


A general health session runs weekly on the animals to support health and vitality.  I have worked on dogs and cats but can also work on avian, bees, horses and farm animals to achieve positive results.  Most owners or ‘parents’ report they can tell the difference with signs of better sleep and better social attitudes. Health improvements have also been reported as animals respond well having no resistance to the quantum biofeedback work.

One family pet weekly:
$160 one month of weekly 
$450 for 6 months
$750 for 12 months

All family pets weekly:
$220 one month of weekly
$600 for 6 months
$1000 for 12 months

Cute Puppy


Managing-Stress (1).jpg

With all the troubles we are exposed to in our changing world, stress is an ever-increasing constant.  These sessions support releasing our highest reactive stress issues to bring us back to peace, love and enlightenment in a very profound way.  After retraining negative stressors each week, we will infuse positive states of emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


$200 one-month of weekly sessions
$450 for 6 months
$750 for 12 months


Weekly session within the month will support stress reactivity to all areas of elimination including the kidneys, spleen, liver, bowel, pancreas, circulatory system, nervous system, brain, lymphatic, endocrine, including the decalcification of the pineal gland. Take back control of your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing by removing toxins and blockages.  Allow your body to operate at its highest efficiency


$200 one-month of weekly sessions
$450 for 6 months
$750 for 12 months

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Contact Ronda today to find out more about this affordable way to address cellular vitality.

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