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Dr. Henry M. (Jake) Johnston, M.D. provides a scientific background of electromagnetic energy used as therapy and its relationship and effect on the human body.

Living organisms are dynamic nonlinear systems whose states change over time.  By definition, dynamic nonlinear systems are sensitive to even the tiniest factors.  Dynamic systems imply a holism where everything influences everything else because every part is in some sense interacting with everything else (all other parts).  This is the definition of a living hologram.

The body is a biological hologram.  The body’s cells are fast and furiously regulated through chemical signals, liquid crystal electronic connections, fiber optics and resonance.  These mechanisms enable healthy cells to send and receive information and coordinate their activities with the other cells of the body.  Cells exist within a holographic matrix where cells vibrationally and chemically communicate with other cells.  Cancer and diseased cells operate out of the loop.

All matter vibrates.  A fundamental property of all matter is that it vibrates with each atom and molecule vibrating at a characteristic frequency.  All of the molecules of the body and their chemical bonds are constantly vibrating at a specific rate, which endows these components with the ability to both emit and absorb through resonance electromagnetic and sound energy.  According to quantum theory, an entity, whether it is an atom or a molecule, simultaneously possesses both localized (particle) and distributed (wave) properties.  When two waves come together, they interact with each other producing an interference pattern.  This pattern is capable of holding information.  The idea that vibrations are involved in the formation of structures is ancient.  “Form is not other than Void; Void is not other than form (from the Heart Sutra)”.  Some writers allude to the idea that the original Sanskrit and Hebrew alphabets originated from patterns that emerged in sand when the vowels were vocalized.  Hans Jenny, who did original work with sound vibrations in his book Cymatics, has shown that he could create patterns in granular materials that were placed on metal plates by use of sound.  He found that through the use of a piece of equipment he named a Tonoscope vocalization of vowels would create these letters of the alphabet in sand.  Jenny showed that oscillating energies endow matter with the capability of self-organizing into structure.  Particles in solution organize into orderly patterns when subjected to sound waves.

John Beaulieu, in his book Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, discusses his conclusions about sound and matter.  "There is a similarity between Cymatic pictures and quantum particles. In both cases that which appears to be a solid form is also a wave.  They are both created and simultaneously organized by the principle of pulse. This is the great mystery with sound: there is no solidity!  A form that appears solid is actually created by an underlying vibration.”  Beaulieu, John: Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, Station Hill Press, 1987.

Energy is involved in self-organization.  If biological organisms can use and store energy, then they must operate by known physical principles and there must exist cellular structures that allow for the storage and utilization of energy.  Biophysical research has determined that electromagnetic energy plays crucial roles in determining the forms, organization, and functions of biological structures through self-organizing liquid crystal molecules and through activation of biochemical reactions.

We know that electric fields cause alignments in dipole movements.  When biological tissues are exposed to an electric field in the right frequency and amplitude windows, a preferential alignment of dipoles becomes established.  Since the cell membrane contains many dipole molecules, an electric field will cause preferential alignment of the dipoles and may be one mechanism that creates altered membrane permeability.  LC dipoles are acoustical and electrical transducers.  Because water and many of the liquid crystal biomolecules in the body like proteins and cell lipids are electrical dipoles, they can convert/transduce mechanical or acoustic oscillations to electrical oscillations and visa versa.  Disruption of the liquid crystal properties of these biomolecules will lead to electrical dysfunctions.

Cell membrane lipids and polymers, like proteins, hyaluronic acid, CT collagen, cytoskeletal, muscle, cholesterol and DNA are many of the biological molecules and structures that are liquid crystals and electronic semiconductors.  They are optical-biophotons (generators and wave guides).  Cell membranes and protein oscillators are antennas and resonators.  Intracellular and extracellular proteins, DNA, and membranes are surrounded by polarized multi layers of water, which affect the configurational state, liquid crystal, and electrical properties of these components. 

Liquid crystal cell membranes, intracellular and extracellular proteins and DNA possess electronic characteristics. They act as electrical conductors and biological resonators capable of both receiving and sending electromagnetic energy.  The cell membranes contain a number of membrane proteins that connect the inner cytoskeletal fibers with the liquid crystal proteins of the extracellular connective tissue.  This forms a continuum where the inside of the cell is hardwired to components outside of the cell allowing for seamless electronic (Oschman, 2000) and possibly fiber optic communication to all parts of the body (Haltiwanger, 1998). The cells of an organism are embedded in a matrix of organized water and most of the body’s cells are hardwired into a holographic liquid crystal polymer continuum that connects the cytoskeletal elements of the inside of the cell through cell membrane structures with a semi conducting and photonic liquid crystal polymer connective tissue communication system.  Special "linking" molecules (integrins) extend from the inside of the cell, through the cell membrane to form connections between the LC proteins of the extracellular matrix and the LC components of the cytoplasmic matrix.  The linking of the internal electronic communication system of the inside of the cell to the external electronic communication system outside of the cell creates a global communication system that allows the body to function as a biological hologram.

The liquid crystalline continuum between cells and the extracellular matrix extends even into the LC interior of fixed tissue cells.  Liquid crystallinity gives cells and organisms their characteristic flexibility, and exquisite sensitivity to EMFs, which optimizes rapid electromagnetic intercommunication that enables organisms to function as coherent, coordinated biological holograms (Beal, 1996). As opposed to an incoherent “babel”.  The liquid crystalline continuum can respond to certain external EM energies and many types of energy techniques and medicines.

Chemical, electronic and optical holographic cell communication is dependent on maintaining the health of the extracellular connective matrix and its structural and electrical connections with the cells.  Glycoproteins that are anchored in the cell membrane form multiple interconnections between cells and the CT matrix and facilitate communication (signaling) between the matrix and cell interior and vice versa.

Organisms are cymatic standing wave fields.  Living liquid crystals act as wave guides creating complex self-organizing harmonic structures.  Fritz Popp has postulated that biological information systems are based on a system of standing wave patterns that include all parts of the organism.  Popp’s electromagnetic information system theory “…implies the existence of a standing wave field covering every living cell of the entire organism”.   Schjelderup, V. HOLOGRAPHY, BIOPHYSICS AND ACUPUNCTURE, The Journal of Acupuncture in Medicine April 1986; VOL III No 1:20-23.

The DNA phantom effect was first observed at the Russian Academy of Sciences during experiments measuring the vibrational modes of DNA in solution using a laser photon correlation spectrometer.  When a physical DNA sample was placed in a chamber and excited with laser radiation, an oscillatory energy field was produced.  But when DNA is removed this oscillatory (standing) wave pattern will remain in empty space for days as long as the space of the chamber is not disturbed. (Dr. Vladimir Poponin)

Cells are not just bags of fluids with the enzymes floating around randomly.  In fact, the enzymes of the cell are attached to an organized internal structure, “a cytoplasmic matrix”, composed of liquid crystal tubes, and filaments surrounded by organized layers of water (Oschman, 2000).  This arrangement permits electronic communication and solid-state biochemical reactions to proceed by allowing transfer of electrical negative charges by electrons (-) conducted through semi conducting LC protein polymers or positive charges by hopping protons (H+) in the organized multilayers of water associated with the protein surface (Ho and Knight, 1998).  Cells are organized by standing waves created by DNA and cell membranes. 

Modern electronic devices are made of transistors, which are composed of semi-conductors, resistors, capacitors, etc.  The connections of these various subcomponents allow electronic devices to process information.  The liquid crystal biological oscillators/molecules of our body also possess these electronic capabilities enabling them to absorb (resonate to) and emit electromagnetic energy.  The oscillations of biological molecules can, in simplistic view, be normal which equals healthy cells or abnormal secondary to structural changes which equals disease.  Promoting a “healthy vibratory rate” may enable molecules to resume their proper structure and function.  Resonance energy transfer may in a sense promote changes in dysfunctional molecules toward a healthy state.

Healthy cells have a membrane potential of about -60 to –100mV.   The negative sign of the membrane potential indicates that the inside surface of the cell membrane is relatively more negative than the immediate exterior surface of the cell membrane (Cure, 1991).  When one considers the transmembrane potential of a healthy cell the electric field across the cell membrane is enormous being up to 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 volts/meter (Reilly, 1998; Brown, 1999).   An electrochemical force is created across the cell membrane, which affects chemical exchange across the cell (Reilly, 1998).  This moderates the transport of minerals, nutrients and wastes through the membrane and creates cellular and tissue electric currents.  This affects cellular energy production and genetic expression.  The cell membrane potential helps control cell membrane permeability to a variety of nutrients and helps “turn on the machinery” of the cell particularly in energy production and the synthesis of macromolecules.  A healthy cell membrane potential is strongly linked to the control of cell membrane transport mechanisms as well as DNA activity, protein synthesis and aerobic energy production.  The membrane potential of a healthy cell is @ -70mV, the membrane potential of a cancer cell is -10 to -30mV.  Dr. Merrill Garnett believes that an alternating current oscillating circuit exists inside of cells between the cell membrane and the DNA that is conducted over electronic LC protein polymers inside of the cell. This circuit is activated during differentiation to trigger the expression of genes (Garnett et al., 2002).  If Garnett is correct, then it means that cells use their electrical properties to moderate gene expression. 

Biofields, L-fields, electrodynamic fields, or morphogenic fields, are terms for the biophysical theory that living organisms are organized by fields.  The theory refers to the concept that electromagnetic fields organize embryological development and guide the processes of regulation, repair, and regeneration.  The field in this theory is the matrix that shapes and regulates the organism.  Inherent in the concept of a biofield, the organism responds to oscillating fields external to the body and emits oscillations (acoustical and electromagnetic) that can be measured.  Health could be defined as coherence of coupled oscillations and balance in the flow of energy.  Treatment could be defined as identifying and returning stuck, isolated, and pathological repeating cycles in the organism back to a state of energetic balance.  A healthy biofield helps coordinate energy to maintain a state of health.  Inductive fields, essential fatty acids, minerals, phytosterols and squalene can be used to increase cell potential (capacitance).  A healthy, balanced diet and nutritional supplements also help to maintain optimal membrane structure and function.  Bioenergetic, bioinformational, non-ionizing and non-thermal may exert measurable biological effects.  These effects on biological tissues and cells are highly frequency specific and the dose response curve is non-linear. Because of this nonlinear effect, weak EMFs in the proper frequency and amplitude windows may produce large effects; beneficial or harmful. 

In summary, if biological tissues and components of biological tissues can receive, tranduce, and transmit electrical, acoustic, magnetic, mechanical, and thermal vibrations then this might help explain such phenomena as biological reactions to atmospheric electromagnetic and ionic disturbances such as sunspots, thunderstorms, and earthquakes, biological reactions to the earth’s geomagnetic and Schumann fields, and biological reactions to hands on healing.  Researchers have found that there are many biological responses to machines that produce electric, magnetic, and acoustical vibrations (frequency generators).  Medical devices that detect, analyze, and alter biological electromagnetic fields are frequency generators.  Techniques such as acupuncture, moxibustion, laser and LED (Photonic) acupuncture can result in healing effects and movement of Chi affect frequency.  Body work such as deep tissue massage, Rolfing, physical therapy, and chiropractic manipulation can promote healing through generating a change in frequency.

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