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A few stressors I have addressed affecting the client's spirit.

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 Sleep Issues
Dark Clouds
Medicinal Herb
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Super Learning - Stress Reaction to ADD, ADHD, Memory Loss

Memory enhancement is beneficial for critical loss situations like Dementia and Alzheimer's but also studying for an exam, increasing your job capabilities, or simply wanting to sharpen your brain. Enhance your focused attention, train your brains ability to remember, become a Super Learner!


Tension and Stress or Anxiety - Depression   

Are you stressed tight like a cable under tension? Suffering TMJ issues. Family, work, and world affairs can cause a tension on the nervous system which deplete the adrenal glands keeping you in "Fight and Flight" mode. Over time these stressors end up causing dis-ease in the physical and mental bodies.  


Sleep issues – Insomnia, Sleep Issues   

Are you having difficulty sleep well on a regular basis? Whether caused by a health problem or by too much stress, sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common. Be on top of your game, every day.


Psychological Distress Emotional Issues such as depression, grief, and mood disorders traditionally are addressed by prescribing biofeedback.  Suppressed wave shapes inside cells can continue to resonate with those negative emotions. Long term grief for example can create an attractor field reinforcing more of the same.  Often these negative emotions underlie chronic symptoms or conditions.


Psychic attack - can strike in two forms: first, a purposeful mental assault by someone using occult power, or secondly, negative thoughts of others. Coworkers or family members may not be purposely attacking, but their negative thoughts about you can generate anxiety, depression, and health problems.  Remove yourself from their grip; put up a protective shield for your protection.


Enlightenment An off-label use is to awaken and help you self-realize your Divine truth. Retrain the pineal gland to be open to higher spiritual insights and the intelligence of knowing. Retrain past karma, release karmic bonds, clear, and balance your chakras, and retrain what has been holding you back from enlightenment. Be on your Divine life path.


Early Childhood Abuse is often blocked from one’s consciousness or suppressed to some extent.  Later in life issues resulting from the subconscious underlying trauma may present themselves.  With the Biofeedback System these emotions from a preverbal time in one’s life can be successfully retrained in a non-verbal way where traditional verbal forms of therapy may fail. 


Cats, Dogs, Horses, Livestock - Our pets are a very important part of our lives. Unable to tell us exactly what's going on for them, the Quantum Biofeedback System is a valuable feedback tool. It helps identify physical and emotional issues, then send back supportive frequencies to retraining whatever shows up. They respond so well; it is wonderful to watch the transformation. 


Addiction Stress reactions to smoking, alcohol, drugs, chemical dependency, sugar cravings, co-dependence issues can create everything from liver complaints, hepatis, candid problems, emotional hardship, relationship, and financial issues. Retrain the body to release the desire while enhancing your willpower to succeed.

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