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Space Planner - Organizer

Has clutter gotten the best of you?   Do you have a difficult time keeping your home organized and just don't know where or how to start?  I can help you create a plan of action.  I'm not a house cleaner but I can direct you as to what needs to be done or I can help sort and organize for you. A combination of the two methods  may work best. Working together we come up with a plan of action; keep the things that are meaningful to you, looks at what is useful and what is not, then decide how to proceed. 

Don't know where to start?

Organize Kitchen.jpg
Kitchen unorganized messy

Has clutter taken over?

Elderly couple organized.jpg

According to Feng Shui, clutter stops the flow of chi, the life force energy.  It stagnates the breath of a space and it keeps you stuck in the past.  It keeps you from moving forward in life.  Organization saves time, you know where things are and things are kept in their place. No fault of your own as your time is valuable and life happens; you just need someone to put a little attention to these details that specializes in what they do best.  That should be me!   

Safety for seniors!

Elderly fall.jpg
messy kitchen hording

No room for the car?

garage storage.webp
Garage storage clutter

A Success Story

Carmel 4 LRDetail.JPG
Redesigned Family Room

Refreshing Style on a Budget

This client called wanting to pull together his home which he described as “incongruent”.  He loves the English style of dark, warm, and relaxed but felt like his country charm seemed more like an Irish pub meeting vintage garage sale. 

Upon first walking into this home, I saw a huge amount of clutter; unnecessary furniture, items positioned incorrectly, and simply too much stuff. I could tell immediately what needed to go and what need to stay! I drew up floor plans as a guide for them and to make sure my recommendations would scale to the rooms correctly. They acted quickly selling non-functional furniture, shifting things around to my recommendations, and donated 8 truckloads of stuff to charities.  I incorporated a lot of their beloved collection of items when decorate their home.

Upon my return a month later a surprisingly and delightful amount had been accomplished.  We stayed in contact via email so that I could approve the purchases. I am still amazed at what he found shopping on Facebook Marketplace at a fraction of the cost of new.

  • Wanting this family room to be more socially friendly he quickly repositioned his reclining living room furniture to the more casual basement TV room. The newly purchased furniture brought more color and pattern to a very brown-red room.  We are having a mantel made for the fireplace so that the TV can be centrally located. 

  • They sold their child sized sectional in the basement, then replaced it with the reclining grownup furniture from upstairs, so game days could be spent comfortably as adults. Other than moving the reclining furniture I left this personal space alone,  to display what was comfortable and enjoyable for them.

Process first.png
Front room. Lighter.jpg
  • The front room had pictures hanging on every available wall space. After moving out an inappropriate loveseat, a pair of unattractive chairs, uniting all the individual black furniture into this room, putting a small round table in front of the double windows and grouping the art appropriately, the room is a wonderful place for Mr. to work from home.  He loves the Irish pub look so we focused on it here. We are still toning down the blue walls a bit.

  • Previously the workout equipment scattered throughout the house was now devoted to one room in the basement with its separate TV.

  • In the master they replaced a postmodern bedroom set that had very low nightstand with a more traditional functional set.  Moving the bed to another wall and removing the mirror (which has a negative effect in a bedroom) were also huge changes for them.

Daughter's room.jpg
  • Daughter’s room was overtaken by the bed, so we repositioned it to a better sleep direction for her personal Feng Shui, which gave her abundant space for other activities.

Spending more time here now she really enjoys her bedroom, spiced up with her own creative decorating!

Basement room.jpg
Front room window.png
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