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Harmonizing Energies:

We live in a complicated environment filled with invisible pollution from not only electromagnetic stress (EMFs) such as cell phone radiation, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters and cell towers but natural earth energies as well.  Mounting evidence continues to build regarding the harmful effects of both man-made and natural earth energies and how extremely dangerous the compounding effects are to our health and well-being.  Increased awareness is the first step.

Electrical currents naturally exist in the body and are an essential part of healthy body function.  Disruption of our energy bodies by outside forces stimulate electrical impulses averse to our nerves, muscular system and other biological functions affecting everything from digestion to brain activity.  Long-term exposure to these low and high-level transmitted signals is yet to be realized.

auric damage
DNA Illustrating Damage
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Earth Energies:


The etheric threads woven around the earth are identical in energy and importance to the acupuncture meridians of the human body.  They are responsible for the health and growth of the natural kingdom of the plants, trees and wildlife. 

You may not realize that there are geopathic stress lines that circle the globe but if you are experiencing health problems such as insomnia to immune problems to cardiovascular issues to cancer, a geopathic stress line in your environment could be at the root of your problems.  

Kate Bachler (author of Earth Radiation) has carefully documented over 11,000 cases showing a strong correlation between people sleeping in beds over dangerous earth radiation and learning difficulties, illness, and even cancer. 

Earth Radiation Bachler

The geological makeup of the earth also affects our overall wellness; for example, in the Midwest we sit on a high concentration of granite rock which emanates the high radioactive element radon. 

Documented Ley-Line crossings have been associated with  haunted houses. 

Underground water streams distort the natural frequency of the earth which is around 7.83 Hz; a water vein 200 to 500 feet below ground increases it the to 250 Hz which bees love.

Geopathic Stress Zones Illustrated

Animals and people living above any distortion weakens the immune system leading to greater susceptibility to viruses, bacteria, parasites, environmental pollution, degenerative disease and a wide range of health problems.

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Electro-Magnetic Energies:


Low-Frequency Fields (ELF-EMFs) are emitted by all electronics. The most common sources are power lines, electrical wiring, and electrical appliances, such as hair dryers and electric blankets.  There is substantial evidence that ELF exposure influences biological disturbance to the bodily system by creating DNA fragmentation and mutations.  

High-frequency fields (RF-EMFs) are used to transmit power and signals through the air and are wireless signal transmission systems. These high frequencies are used for AM and FM satellite audio, cell towers, cell phone, cordless phones, Bluetooth, wireless computer and data transmission networks. Potential injuries from RF depends upon duration, intensity and distance from the source but may result in headaches, genetic damage, impaired immune system, cancers, break in brain/blood barrier, memory loss, cardiovascular stress, fatigue and eye problems.

EMFs can be divided into two categories: extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields (ELF EMFs) commonly from power lines, household electrical appliances and computers; and high frequency or radio-frequency electric and magnet fields (RF EMFs) from telecommunication and broadcast facilities such as mobile phones and their base stations.

laptop-heat-on-body (1).jpg

EMF strength above two milligauss (mG) can begin to harm biological organisms.  If you are four inches or less away from a source ex. working on your laptop in your lap, your exposure might be as high as 20mG.  When you hold a cell phone up to your ear 10% to 80% of the radiation from the phone penetrates two inches into your brain, causing brain wave changes in 70% of people.


Creating A Healthy Environment:

How do we create a healthy environment when swimming in this "electrosmog"?  There is much to be found on the internet with claims of harmonizing the environment with devices but how do you know if they actually work?  All I can tell you is what I have done in my home.

I have employed a geomancer on my property to locate and harmonize the earth energies. Since I work with my biofeedback regularly it shows that the property stays perfectly clear of harmful Hartman and Curry Grid lines, underground water veins and ley lines.  If a disruption were to be found I then can clear the frequency with the EDUCTOR.  For someone that can't afford to hire a professional or if there stay is for a shorter time I believe that a biofeedback clearing would be ideal.  Check out Michael's web site at 


When building my house I set up the space so that the electrical wiring behind my bed would be grounded.  I realize that that is not possible for a majority of people.


I live on the outer skirts of Kansas City so I'm not in the thick of the electromagnetic energy but I do have a cell tower less than a mile away and all types of electronics within my space.  I have declined a smart meter but all my neighbors have them so it's not like I'm living in the middle of a clear field.    

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