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Clear & Enhance
Your  Energy

with Quantum Biofeedback

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Essential infusions for body, mind, spirit, & home, 

to elevate, nurture and protect in the modern world.

Health Issues

The National Institute of Health

& Medical Education

and the Research department at the Mayo Foundation states:

"STRESS is a factor in 

87% of all illness!"

Quantum Biofeedback will

retrain your stress levels to help create optimal physical health.

Malabsorption Stress

Is your body suffering from nutritional stress?

Minerals  Vitamins 

Herbs  Chinese Herbs


Flower Essences

Crystal Energies

Spiritual Essences 

Retrain to absorb & regenerate.

Long Term Issues

It's never just one thing. 

Retrain your entire body system

to address long term issues from: 







Return to optimal health! 

The future of wellness is Quantum Biofeedback.

Quantum Biofeedback Therapy is a unique non-invasive system

that identifies, measures, and provides information to over 11,000

supportive and non-supportive frequencies within a bodily structure. 


With this information in the device's memory bank along with its super-conscious deductions, I gains precise awareness of the many

conscious and subconscious emotional and physiological functions.  


I have been successfully working with this device since 2010.

My goal is to retrain non-optimal frequencies and infuse the necessary

positive good energy vibrations to improve the client’s overall wellbeing.

This process has been FDA approved to re-train brainwaves,

muscle tone, heart rate, and pain perceptions.

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"Everything is energy

and that is all there is to it. 

Match the frequency of the

reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way.

This is not a philosophy. 

This is physics." 

"We are slowed down sound

and light waves,

a walking bundle of frequencies

tuned into the cosmos.

We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which

our souls play their music." 

Albert Einstein 

My Quantum Biofeedback Sessions empower clients to make lifestyle changes and to increase self-awareness and self-healing. It is easy and effective; non-invasively reducing stress and helping to enhance the quality of life with improved sleep and relaxation, deeper concentration and focus, reduction of depression, less fearfulness, anxiety and anger, enhanced mental clarity, and memory, managing feelings of pain and stress, thus improving general health and well-being.  

The EDUCTOR Quantum Biofeedback System

The EDUCTOR Quantum Biofeedback System

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This system provides awareness into the conscious & subconscious bodies which helps enhance performance, increases energy levels, relaxes & decreases stress; it simply improves ones general wellness.  The sensitivity is set so fine as to pick up the earliest sign of disease & distress, so the results may be below the client’s recognition. 

In 5 minutes, the device tests over 11,000 frequencies of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens, and records the degree to which the body or space reacts.  The assessment registers in the computer significant clues which, as a certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist I interprets and responds.   

This device, at 1/100 of a second, measures the resonance pulse of the client and sends back an alternate pulse to which the client responds, modifying its own reactance and creating change.  It retrains the clients responses to deal with stress often beyond conscious awareness.

Exceptional compassionate care in a comfortable home setting. 

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During a Quantum Biofeedback Session

CA sunset.jpg

If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration...  

Nikola Tesla

A couple testimonials: 

"As a registered nurse, I daily work around and often absorb the energy of the people I care for. Ronda's biofeedback sessions help to remove the negative energies from me and restore my energy balance while at the same time give me direction to move towards and attain goals that I have set for myself. As a result, I recharge quicker and cope better with the dramatic shifts that occur on this life journey of growing and healing."


Priscilla B. Prundale, CA

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