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5 Element Theory: Color of Wood

In Classical 5-Element Feng Shui we consider Bagua mirrors and Chinese trinkets ineffective folklore in changing the energetic nature of a space. We remedy the energetics of a space by placement and with the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

As things start to green up in the northern hemisphere, we are reminded of the “wood” element as new life and growth. The lay person may think of the “wood” element as being wood furniture or brown colors but it’s the green of leaves we should focus on. When the element of wood is needed for a room, a live leafy plant is the best option.

However, sometimes we just can’t use a real plant so then the color of green may be substituted. This may not mean we need to paint the entire room green since we may want to change according to the timely shift of energy year to year. Instead consider an easily removable object like a rug, pillow, or piece of art with enough punch to satisfy the requirement.

The more saturated and intense the color the better as a faint sage green might not be strong enough to say “wood”. With all the different shades of green hopefully we can find a color that you like and works to harmonize the space. Happy spring!

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