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The Pandemic & our homes.

Updated: Feb 15

Pre-pandemic we would go to work at the office, take classes at school, workout at the local gym, meet friends at the local pub, and enjoy dinner out. Because of the pandemic the trend has been to put everything under one roof. Some will still function in a hybrid lifestyle: going to the office a couple days a week but working from home the rest of the time. What will stay exceedingly important is maintaining a healthy environment and living a healthy lifestyle.

How life used to be, pre-pandemic.

Home has become the hub

that embraces all things in our lives.

Working from home has become an ever-increasing trend. This means that there is a need to create a productive home office environment that is ideally easily accessed, functional, ergonomic, and ascetically pleasing. We need a space where we can be uninterrupted by the goings on of other family members. A space that is free from outside distractions and accidental interference. A space that sets the stage with functional lighting, a comfortable workstation, and an ascetic background for Zoom meetings.

Physical training areas may have to be incorporated into other rooms creating a multifunctioning area. It may need to include a screen to watch online yoga classes, a treadmill, weights, etc. Without overtaking the room, it should have convenient and ascetically pleasing storage for weights and matts when not in use so that it is uncluttered and organized.

Entertainment venues have also changed. We now need to consider each member of the family fascination. Our favorite relaxation or recharging area might include a gaming station, a place for hobbies, a theater room, or a gardening center. Perhaps you desire a gourmet kitchen to help fight the monotony of everyday cooking.

Clean environments may also mean the addition of exceptional filtration systems, cleaning materials, good drinking water, and air filters. Extra storage areas for backup supplies provide reassurance in the likelihood of a TP shortage happening again.

The size and location of the home may also need to change. Pre-pandemic you may have been okay with apartment living as a way station; someplace to drop into and sleep. Much of downtown apartment living has lost its allure with restaurant and entertainment venues closures. Now you may desire more space to incorporate new requirements which may cost the same or even less than living in the city.

Comforting colors are ascetically warmer as the cool grays are on their way out. Driven by wanting to bring the outdoors into our living space we are seeing a trends toward green and browns for a warmer natural environment. We are looking for spaces that show off who we are with our favorite colors, style that expresses our personality, and those items that mean more and say more about who we are.

Outdoor spaces are believed to be less likely to transmit viruses so having a fresh air comfortable private outdoor space has become an important asset. These open-air places can include BBQ pits, outdoor saunas, hot tubs, patio areas to entertain and a garden to grow your own food. Outdoors we enjoy good friends and family in the fresh air which supports our own physical and mental health.

Create your Personal Pandemic Sanctuary!

Ronda at Happy Healthy Homes can conceive, plan,

and assist in creating the best solutions for your family.

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