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By the Grace of God!

Updated: May 5, 2022

Severed Achilles Tendon

Referred by a mutual acquaintance, on May 8th of 2021 Drew called me up from Houston for remote Quantum Biofeedback sessions. He had accidently severed his left Achilles tendon all the way through. Prior to this incident he was walking 5 miles a day. He reported to have had about 43 injuries prior to this but nothing this severe.

He was concerned about being in a great deal of pain after the surgery when the nerve blockers ended. He wanted to stay in the hospital another day, but all the beds were full. For the past two days he was taking morphine, antibiotics, nerve blockers, muscle relaxers but his pain level hadn’t improved. He reported his stress level as a 10 out of 10.

Drew has been a long-term TM meditator, so the accident was also causing a great spiritual crisis for him as he stated: “I don’t want to be angry at God for something I did to myself.”

I followed my intuition and

guided the device to do its work.

After the first session Drew states “Ronda, I don’t know if you really did something, but I haven’t had any narcotics for 30 hours! It was no problem weaning off the meds, although I’m following instructions for the other stuff and the stuff that prevents nerve pain. I feel better emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, maybe even better than I did before the accident”. “Everyone at work is surprised by my positive outlook and I’m pretty sure it’s because of working with you.”

I found out later that I was mentioned in a session Drew had with well-respected clairvoyant Terry Johnson who boasts over 18,000 clients. Drew has been so impressed with Terry that I moved forward to have a session for myself. Terry told me that he clairvoyantly watched the work I was doing on Drew with the quantum device. He stated to himself some surprising insights before he met me.

“Whoever is working on Drew, either really knows what they are doing, or the grace of God moves through them. The device is a tool that translates the information that actually works through that practitioner’s nervous system. When looking at the structure of Drew’s Achilles tendon, it set a flow that significantly and immediately was able to deal with the infection better than the drugs they were giving him. They were able to reduce pain by about 72%.”

Glory be for the Grace of God.

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