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Exterior Water Features

As I again help someone create better prosperity in their home, I’m addressing a lot of questions regarding use and position of an exterior water element.

The word Feng translates to wind while Shui translates to water. In Classical Feng Shui we apply the five-element theory, so we use the actual elements of wood (as in plants), fire, earth, metal, and water. Self-diagnosing or relying on generalities one can seriously be taken down the wrong path. Interior water can in the wrong direction can exasperate an argument but in the correct direction it may assist in removing leg or back pain, help a business or relationship success.

Outside remedies are recommended to hold the correct positive energy within. Sometimes a water feature, like a fountain or pond is needed but it must be situated in the correct direction. Some books or articles say generic things like “water in the north is good”, but this is completely erroneous. This might be good for some people some of the time but not always.

The outside environment is evaluated considering several factors: Yin and Yang Theory, Form School, and Xuan Kong Flying Star School which considers time-space reality. I call all these schools that I use Classical Feng Shui. I always considering the age of the house and exact compass direction its facing. A mathematical formula is used over a blueprint of the property to determine exact placement of the five elements. Elements may change over time but when it comes to outside placement of water, I like to ensure that it will not need to be moved for 20 plus years into the future.

Water flow as an outside feature is best flowing towards the house. Many ordinary fountain pumps simply push water up from a lower level and then the water will cascade down. This movement of water going up and then down is usually harmless. What we prefer not to happen is to have the water flow away from the house such as in an infinity pool. Water needs to be clean and ideally circulating. A fountain should make a pleasing sound, not harsh or too rushing.

Contact Ronda at Happy Healthy Homes for a full evaluation of your home and property today to enjoy the good life making your home your personal sanctuary.

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