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Transformation into wholeness

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

The Lighthouse

I’m here to ask you the questions that will help bring you into wholeness. To unlock, decipher, and convey your own inspirations, and then help YOU facilitate them. That may show up for you in repair of your physicality or in the organization of the space around you. It all leads to one thing, the optimization of you.

As a sensitive energy worker and spatial designer, I respond in helping you validate, verify, and implement your Soul’s perfection. My goal is to bring your rightful Divine essence to Light, to express the fullness of who you are on the mental, physical, and spiritual levels.

I was gifted with unique sensitivities, energetic awareness, AS WELL AS a clearing facilitator. My service expresses through interior design, classical feng shui, and quantum biofeedback, but I offer more. With these tools my spirit responds. I restore balance and help to bring wholeness into your life. This is my skill, this is my life mission, this is one of the reasons I was born.

Mary celebrated my entering a room as “a breath of fresh air.” When reorganizing her office space, she stated that “even the electronics functioned better.” Working at a distance, Linda described clearing the energy in her house as being “God smacked clean.”

As a clearing facilitator my inborn, yet uncontrollable instinctive response, which some declare impolite, yet uncontrollable instinctive response may occur when I walk into a room, simply pass someone on the street, or not until we delve deeper into a condition. As the person or room’s auric field releases stuff in unpredictable timing, I facilitate the space clearing and belch. The client can be near or far, it doesn’t matter.

Cathy came in for an emergency quantum session as she was jittery, anxious, and unsettled like I had never seen her before. The very moment she stepped into my office I was triggered into an extreme belching reaction. The auric clearing continued for some time. Once the device led us to the correct toxic issue and retraining of Cathy’s unnerving itch a quiet calm immediately came over her. She stated: “it is no longer bubbling up to the surface.” The belching ceased.

The negative frequencies are transformed as they pass through, then recycled back into the earth. In any event my body reacts as I facilitate the liberation, most often beyond my conscious awareness.

Some people are grossed out, others worry that I’m not okay. At times it can tax on my energy but holding on to it takes an even bigger toll so I’m always happy for the discharge. I must then recharge. As a tool of Divinity, I’m grateful to be a lighthouse to facilitate your transformation into wholeness.

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