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Black Magic

An attorney client called me hardly able to speak which was so unlike her. She was aware that she had been attacked by an associate wanting to hinder her in the court room. She knew the perpetrator used Black Magic from across the border in Mexico.

The image is her aura before and after a session with e on my Quantum Biofeedback Device.

Her testimonial: "Ronda is amazingly accurate in the assessment of my energetic issues. The most recent issue occurred last week when I was being psychically attacked. I was feeling depressed and hopeless, as well as having great anxiety. This was not a normal state for me, so I was desperate to return to my happy self. By running me on the biofeedback device she found an entity and several energy blocks in my auric field. After a couple hours it cleared, and I felt such relief. I was restored to my own emotions of being calm, happy and at peace. Thank you Ronda, for all your help and healing abilities. Amanda."

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