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Blocked Energy

I just finished working on a Quantum Biofeedback client long distance. He described his ails as “fatigue, exhaustion, brain fog, anger, frustration, despair, and hopelessness.”

What was most telling for me was looking at his aura to see four black spots blocking him in. The energy field around him was blocking his beneficial energy from connecting with his true self, his full energy potential. After the device and I cleared his aura, we see a turquoise glow around his body.

This blockage was also emanating from his face as the superconscious of the device also worked on all the emotional and organ system of the body emanating here. It also decided to assist clearing the brain in another one of the 800 program possibilities.

I find it very important in this day to release people from isolation, grief, trauma, stress, pain, and suffering. If we are locked up, as in the image above, how can anyone bring in the Divine to express true bliss?

A well respected intuitive watched my sessions said that by my honoring faith in the Divine this device has become an extension of my nervous system. I am grateful as I see repeatedly with amazement what is possible using my Quantum Biofeedback Device.

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