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Live a Juicy Life!

Vitality is lowered when our body flips polarity, this creates chronic disease. There are five main reasons that causes the loss of our vitality, our “juice” for life.

1. Thyroid hormone T3 controls the voltage of every cell membrane and the number of mitochondria in the body which are the powerhouse of the cell. T3 requires 8 cofactors to convert T4 to T3.Most medical tests don’t go deep enough to detect thyroid issues; therefore, inadequate T3 goes unrecognized.

2. Scars cut the facia around our muscles. Facia is a semiconductor; a collection of molecules designed to move electrons around the body very rapidly but only in one direction. The scar screws up our wiring system so the voltage inside the muscle can’t go anywhere. Major problems occurred especially when people get surgical scars.

3. The brain develops first as the embryo is formed. Our circuits run from the brain down to the rest of the body through our teeth. Dental infections that develop around the bone of our teeth can break the circuits to rest of our body. A root canal is the worst offender because it’s a dead tooth which may cause the infection to go into the bone, flipping circuits, cutting vitality.

4. Emotions stored in the body can also block the flow of vitality through our circuits, making us sick. Every emotion has a different frequency stored in a different circuit. For example, anger gets stored in the liver gallbladder circuit. Because these emotions are stored as frequencies if we retrain our emotions, we turn them into being simply memories.

5. Moving muscles move electrons, which charge up our batteries. If we quit moving, we lose power. Our lymphatic system is then without a pump, so toxins get stored up, creating a perfect place for infections. All toxins are electron stealers: microorganism such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, etc., parasites, insecticides, electromagnetic pollution, vaccines, whatever … simply toxins drop the voltage in our bodies.

It’s never one single cause creating dis-ease. There is usually a combination of these five things, that add up to flipping the polarity. Without enough voltage, there isn’t enough oxygen able to support the organs. Once that happens the organ can’t work and repair itself. All chronic disease starts when a circuit is flipped, this weakens the immune system which allows fungus to take over and turn organs into dirt.

I discovered the most technologically advanced device in the world that cannot only pinpoint issues, but then send retraining frequencies to harmonize and rectify them. With the Quantum Biofeedback we re-train the entire person, the body, soul, and spirit. We re-structure to optimize vitality, helping the body identify and wake up to voltage stealers. Send the body what it is specifically asking for: positive frequencies and voltage boosters. Quantum Biofeedback is designed to create health and wellness on an energetic level.

I invite you to discover then unblock whatever is lowering your voltage.

You can live a Juicy Life with optimal vitality.

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