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How to clear your clutter

and receive positive Feng Shui benefits.

From Jennifer L. Scott’s book on “The Madame Chic Method”, we learn easy ways to proceed. As she explains in the first chapter “Clutter is so not Chic”.

The first step to create harmony in your space is AWARENESS!

In a nut shell, the five steps to create a clutter free home:

1. Identify Hot Spots: those high traffic areas in your home where clutter accumulates on a daily basis. Clutter may not stay the same, it may change all the time. Entry ways, kitchen countertops, kitchen tables, near the back door, are potential Hot Spots. These areas may not tend to be too bad but there is always something there that shouldn’t be there. Don’t be accustomed to these areas; let yourself be bothered by them.

Every time you walk by those spots, spend some time to pick them up.

Gently get your family

involved in clearing the clutter in those spots.

2. Identify your Stagnate Spaces that accumulate clutter. They are usually out of the way, perhaps a closet where you dump everything, a section in a room or in a cupboard. Granted out of sight out of mind isn’t as bad as what you see every day.

Dedicate time to frequently go through them. Perhaps 15 minutes a day, or half of a Saturday. Consider helping you stay engaged by listening to an audio book.

3. We become accustomed to the clutter in our home, so look at your home with new eyes; as if it’s the first time seeing the space.

Physically leave the front and walk in as if you were trying to impress someone in your life. Identify what you need to address.

4. Check the flow of energy within your space. Feng Shui literally is the science of the flow of wind and water within a space. You don’t have to be a minimalist or have a bunch of Chinese ornaments around to have great Feng Shui. With the 5-element theory it must have a sense of balance, harmony, and flow.

Clutter is considered negative because it caused congestion in the flow of the room. Is there an object or two that you need to remove to help the flow? Identify these blockages to open the flow.

5. Is it beautiful? This may be the most important part. Women are visual creatures. Clutter often destroys the beauty in a room, like a stain on a dress. Don’t wait for it to happen, you can have a beautiful home right now. It might cause you to rearrange your furniture or bring out some new throws you haven’t used for a while, in any case be sure to showcase your personality.

The desire to have a beautiful home is the impotence

to create a clutter free space.

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