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Which of the 9 types of Elements are you?

May 1st, spring has sprung most places in the northern hemisphere. I’m missing having a garden this year but enjoying all the growth in everyone else’s yards as everything turns very green here in Kansas. This is my favorite time of year since I’m a wood element in Chinese 5 element theory.

Everyone is associated with one of the 5 elements by knowing the birth date. Realizing that on the Chinese calendar the beginning of the year begins around February 4th, not January 1st. Each zodiac animal will have its own element. But there is a less known way that we determine your characteristics according to your birthday and five elements.

There are two types of wood: 4-soft wood and 3-hard wood. Hard wood’s home direction is the east while soft wood is associated with the southeast. Hard wood relates to the oldest son of the family, like an oak tree. While soft wood is associated with the oldest daughter or like a bamboo or willow tree, wood but more flowing.

There is an easy way to determine which of the 9 different element qualities you are associated with so if interested in knowing which element qualities you are like, simply send me an email with your birthday and I’m happy to reply.

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